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Francesca Penn lives in Texas with her husband and son. While obtaining her Technical Writing degree, a creative writing course and playwriting elective reawakened her desire to create stories. Her brain lives in fiction; even the songs she listens to become music videos in her head.

When she is not writing, she can be found hounding her loved ones with multiple “What-if” scenarios. As a true closet romantic, she is prone to filling up her DVR with Hallmark movies. A friend once told her that she’d trained the whole 20 plus years she’d known her to write romance since her nose was always in a love story.

Francesca believes that love is colorblind and plans to provide a mix of couples of different races and ethnicities because – to her – men are like Skittles, and we all know their motto.

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Oh, Christmas Fling

Admit It

Love you...Never

Spring, Summer, Falling...

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