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Two potential soulmates.

One misunderstanding.

Twelve years of war.


I loved Caris Vaughn from the moment I saw her. Senior year of high school, I vowed to make her mine on Valentine’s Day. Armed with a note that bared my soul, I ordered her a dozen red roses to be sent to her during our class. When she rejected me, it cut as deep as the thorns on the roses she threw at me. I swore that my former love would be my new enemy. I don’t care that seeing her after over a decade still has the power to rev up my heart. I don’t care that she’s sexier. I don’t care that she looks damn good in the lingerie she sells. I still hate her…I think.



I used to want Emiliano, but when he sent me the meanest note I’d ever received, I prayed he would go away forever. Twelve years later, my desire to expand my lingerie company has brought him back into my life. Now, the man I hate the most is also the one I need, professionally. His verbal jabs cut deep, so it doesn’t matter that his light-brown eyes still haunt me. His lips dare me to kiss them, and his body makes me melt. I will not fall for Emiliano Morin, right?

When their heated arguments ignite their latent desires, they decide that there’s only one way to move on from the past.

Hate sex.

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